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    We Boost Online Reputation Management

    Online Reputation plays a critical role in a customer’s decision-making process. With the evolving online infrastructure, it is important to effectively manage your brand image. We at SunStrategic specialize in integrated reputation management strategies that deepen customer relationships.

    sunSTRATEGIC will help you in Online Reputation Management:

    We Boost Online Reputation Management

    LightUpUrBrand was started to help customers understand their role in Digital Marketing as an initiative under sunSTRATEGIC. All listed services are paid in advance through a payment gateway. We aim to provide Strategy through sunSTRATEGIC and provide content for Digital Outreach under the banner of LightUpUrBrand. Our content includes but is not limited to:

    Social Media Marketing Training

    Field Post Training

    Atrribution Report Training

    Video Production Training

    Medical Rep Training

    Offline/Online Integration Training Content

    ORM Training

    Digital Advertising Training

    Doctor Training

    Our Clients

    100+ Happy Satisfied Content | Customer

    Success Stories

    Digital Marketing Training for a Global Healthcare Provider

    sunSTRATEGIC has given the client a social makeover which reflected in the increased no. of engagement with the fans. Also, with the followers sharing our content on other social platforms, it gives the company a wider viewership. Our creative team comes up with the posts, day in day out, by a collaborative effort between the content writers and the designers. We are also, keeping constant watch over the management of the online reputation. We do this by checking on a daily basis, by studying their online performance on various social media platforms and tabulating the information to give client a professional statistical analysis.

    ORM for a Reputed US Client in Retail Business

    After careful analysis and review of the database and responses, we created a strategy based on the industries the client caters to, online services and engagement they offer to accelerate the brand’s name and image in the market. We are entitled to their Online Reputation Management (ORM), which makes us responsible for replying to the comments of these people and furnish their queries with suitable answers. With the motive of enhancing engagement on the platforms and increasing sales lead, we prepared a plan that involved training on responses, working on the feedback of FB responses, posting FB responses for both owner’s and business accounts, and so on.


    That Inspire Elevate Motivate | Us


    sunSTRATEGIC is one of the best strategic brand partners in the digital space, who have provided us valuable insights to support out turnaround. The team is young, dynamic and highly enthusiastic. Their self-motivated attitude and their ability to understand and translate brand solutions has been simply outstanding. The comfort I have developed with the team were key. We worked harder towards propelling the business forward, while bonding along the way as well.


    sunSTRATEGIC is a very professional and proficient content agency, which has delivered key collateral under immense pressure. The quality of work is good under extreme timelines. Overall a solid professional service that I depended upon.


    Working with sunSTRATEGIC has been a wonderful experience and we really appreciate their prompt, innovative and detailed approach to social media management!


    Powerful results come from powerful ideas. sunSTRATEGIC is professional, prompt, and passionate about what they do. Would highly recommend them for strong, consistent and measurable results.


    It was excellent working with sunSTRATEGIC. Their presentation on the flyers was high-quality.


    sunSTRATEGIC is a very creative team with out of the box ideas and are successful in understanding brand guidelines.


    Working with sunSTRATEGIC was good. They were very professional, to the point and they always met the deadlines. Took all suggestions in their stride, had a good working equation. Although had to discontinue because our Bangalore operation had to be shut down.